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Mitsubishi Electric introduces latest model of Home

Mitsubishi Electric introduces latest model of Home Series SVC250L

Elevator has become a very familiar device and be used by a hundred of people every day at works and public constructions. Moreover, owning a home elevator is now becoming a new trend in Southeast Asia countries. Grasping this trend, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has researched and developed home elevator product from very early. In 2016, our new home elevator had been launched with the name: Home Elevator SVC250L.

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Product detail

Why Mitsubishi Electric decided to develop and launch the new product while the previous lines are still being used widely and received good reviews around the world? The answer is very simple. Because we unceasingly concern to meet the newest demands of customers and keep improving day by day in order to serve the latest trend. 

The four previous home elevator lines own the practical advantages and now even been enhanced based on the following research:


Firstly it is the research about elevator using purpose in Vietnam. Based on the data recorded, in Vietnam as well as Southeast Asia and Middle East countries there are high demand of using elevator at home for better movement, more convenient lifestyle. But on top, the main using subjects are elderly and middle-age members in family. In recent years, because of some reasons, for instance lack of condition and time for exercise or unhealthy eating habit lead to lack of nutrients, not only elderly but also middle-age person will face the threat of arthritis and degenerative joint disease. With them, the walking and climbing ability will be limited lead to the increasing of using elevator demand. However, the problem is the elderly does not have the quick reacted as the youth, especially in using modern high-tech products. That is why the safety features for door with simple and easy-using designs are focused to develop. Besides that, some old people need the others lead while using elevator but with the one-side doors design of previous series, it is a little hard for two people leave out at the same time. Up to now, SVC200 is the only one that has center-open doors but the small capacity has not satisfied the family with many members.  Since then, the optimum applications for door and capacity are more focused to develop for the elderly using.


The disabled have the second high demand of using elevator. However, according to the latest research, the safety wheelchair with ISO standard has quite large size compared with the cabin space of the previous lines. So it is quite narrow for them if using the elevator with the others. Moreover, because of the limited space, the edges of wheelchair will easily cause scratches on the wall, make it become old and sleazy. From here, cabin space is a factor needs to be improved to enhance the using effective in families.



For those reasons, SVC250L has been launched to solve the most important requirements of the user directly. Firstly, the cabin was upgraded to a higher capacity that can carry a total weight of 250 kg and also use center-open door, enable elderly and their helper step in or out comfortable at the same time. Second is Multi Beam Door Censor feature which equipped multi beams along the door side. From that, if the system detects anybody or object between the doors, it will order the door immediately open up again, ensure no clamped problem. Elderly users can be assured to step calmly into the elevator.

As mentioned, the elevator cabin has also been expanded. Based on the ISO standard for wheelchair size, its length reaches 1200 mm (previous elevator car length was 1150 mm), new elevator car is now extended to 1300 mm. With this size, one elevator can carry one person on wheelchair and two others but still giving spacious and comfortable feeling. This is a significant change because the shaft dimensions nearly unchanged but the cabin space is expanded. In particular, this space almost equivalent to some of elevator cabin for 6 people in public buildings



Moreover, SVC250L still utilizes and emphasizes the features which work very effectively in the previous lines. One of them is management key switch which is very suitable to ensure safe for family with hyperactive children. It would be very dangerous if children use elevator improperly. But now, with the simple action which is rotating the locks on the panel, the elevator will be disabled. MELD feature also be deployed in the new line to ensure elevator still can operate to evacuate passenger when power outage.



Ecological factor is always focused to develop in each Mitsubishi Electric product. This launched time, SVC250L is evaluated as the environmental friendly product by using LED lighting system which is very efficient but consumes less energy. Especially, ECO mode is set to turn to standby mode if nobody use in 3 minutes. In this mode, light and fan will automatic shut off, it reduces power consumption.



One difference between home elevator and specialized elevator is the aesthetics design. The elevators used in public buildings often have simple, elegant and formal design. But home elevator must bring warmth and be able to harmony with the house architecture and as the same time bring comfort and relaxation to the owner.  

New product line continues to provide the wall and door decorations with many styles. The functions as handrails, mirror, phones will be chosen by the user demand. Moreover, car wall protect plate is also applied to prevent scratches by wheelchair. An interesting highlight of SVC 250L is view window which gives users the ability to sight-seeing in the elevator cabin. Although it is not new, in the new brochure released in May 4th 2016, this advantage is emphasized thanks to the extremely suitable fact for the open space trend in living style nowadays. Elevator was always seen as a closed and frustrating area, but now, that opinion has changed with view windows for ability overlooking the scenery outside. Imagine standing in the cabin, looking the scenery outside the window and it keeps changing gradually follow the movement direction, this will bring the relaxing moment for the users after a stressful day of work.

For those who want to own a home elevator, please do not be too concerned because the current installation process has become more convenient. Space area required for an elevator has been narrowed. Skipping unnecessary concerns and think of the utility that elevator could bring, certainly not a few people will want to own an elevator right at home. Using elevator is not only for more comfortable in moving but also the way of showing respect, piety and cares for the older people in the family.

Currently, SVC250L product has been introduced to the customers in Vietnam. Please contact us as soon as possible for more information.