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orinoco is one of the most versatile moving walks on the market today with an impressive array of design options, features and applications.
With its impressive versatility, you can count on our orinoco moving walk to meet your every need. Its versatility includes an extended travel distance, convenient pallet width, inclined and horizontal configurations as well as indoor and outdoor traffic and commercial applications. With orinoco, you’ll always find just the right configuration for your project. 

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Product detail

Designed for versatility

Whether it’s enhancing the architecture of airports, metro stations or retail environments, orinoco blends seamlessly into your building design. Its numerous design features and options enable it to fit in perfectly. orinoco creates an inviting atmosphere while leaving a lasting impression.

Ingenious engineering, exceptional quality

orinoco’s versatile performance and exceptional quality are the result of our best-in-class engineering, advanced production systems and selected energy-efficiency features.

Strengthen your safety commitment 

Whether you’re planning a commercial building or infrastructure project, orinoco is the perfect partner for ensuring passenger safety. Proven product configurations and more than 50 safety features and options, including motion safety devices, protect both your investment and your passengers’ wellbeing.