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Parking system of Tower Parking type

Product detail


Parking system with two rows of cars arranged in floors into parking towers. In the middle of the tower, a special lift is arranged with the raised floor, which is a vertical steel frame with a turning mechanism on the raised floor. When taking a car in / out, there is a special mechanism that pulls the Pallet to the horizontal so that the pallet fits into the lift frame of the elevator to move the car up and down.
- Lift tower system can be built floating or floating part, partly underground.
- The system can accommodate from 20 to 70 vehicles depending on the height of the parking tower. Optimal system for small areas with 7m width x 7m length can accommodate 60 vehicles in a tower.
- The system is complete with many sensors and safety devices.
- The system is often used for apartment blocks, commercial district offices.
- Time to put the car in / out of the car quickly thanks to the ladder speed of up to 120m / min.
- Operation noise, vibration of mechanical devices are minimized thanks to the cable transmission elevator.
- Maximize the parking area by stacking vertical tower form.
- Safe operation is stable thanks to the car door sensors and the derailment sensor of the raised floors.
- It is possible to pair the blocks together to increase the arithmetic and storage capacity of the parking lot.
Based on the direction of the car to / from the lift, there is a vehicle going straight into the corner, there are vehicles on the side of the parking lot.

- Basing on the system of lifting towers, completely built-up type, partially underground type, floating part