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Observing Passenger Elevator

In buildings or outside buildings, the elevator uses glass materials to create a sense of airiness and environmental friendliness.

Product detail

In buildings or outside buildings, the elevator uses glass materials to create a sense of airiness and environmental friendliness.
Besides the series of elevators with imported observation glass, we have also created the lines of observation production in the country with imported equipment components to meet most customers’ need,  including customers who have buildings with small or too big lift space compared to the general standard of import elevator, while it is difficult for the import elevator to do or if it can do, the price is very high.

In addition to the imported elevator lines, we have also provided a lot of separate elevator construction projects to meet the customers' requirements when the elevator space  is limited or oversized in size .
The elevator with glass material after installation is designed to create a highlight for the building. With youthful dynamic elegant colors, it ensures the aesthetics that match the preferences of each customer. Inheriting a team of architects and industrial art painters, we always improve the designs, change the options for construction parts. Because aesthetics is also one of our top criteria.
In the design process, we also pay attention to the surrounding environment-friendly element. Ensuring the requirements in a quiet and cool space, using the smooth and gentle operation to bring comfortable  and pleasant feeling to the users.

Scope of supply:

- Load capacity: from 400 kg to over 2000 kg.
- Speed: from 30 m / p to 600 m / p (depending on the load of the elevator)
- The number of floor: unlimited (we gave the 72-storey KEANGNAM project)

Control system:

- Operation control system is designed basing on Serial transmission technology to increase the reliability and safety, flexibility to meet and respond to calls with intelligent mode.

- Door-to-door control system uses voltage variation - VVVF frequency makes door opening fast and smooth, combined with strong control capable of automatically adjusting opening and closing time to increase efficiency of the elevator.

- Motor control system: using stepless speed control, with variable frequency and voltage system (VVVF) to help power conditions, stop the floor accurately, smooth operation to create a sense of security for users.

Observation elevators are equipped with safety devices:

- Speed ​​limit set.
- Mechanical brake system (anti-fall elevator)
- Overload protection
- Protecting loss and reverse phase, pressure drop, over current
- Emergency alarm button and outside contact
- Emergency lighting
- Lock the door safety
- ARD automatic rescue kit

When the main power supply goes out suddenly, this device will automatically turn on the light and take the elevator to the nearest floor. Open to guests outside. This power is automatically reloaded when there is power