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Realizes your vision

High performance and German engineering make zeta300 the ideal high-speed solution for your high-rise commercial project.

Tailored to your needs

Combining intelligent systems and advanced management functions, zeta300 is the tailored passenger transportation system that your building needs.

Gives a unique perspective 

Every outstanding building needs outstanding design. zeta300 cabin customization flexibility gives designers the freedom to achieve something truly unique.

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Product detail

A high-end elevator solution to meet complex needs and realizes your vision.

A high-performance, high-speed elevator designed to meet the complex demands of high-rise buildings, zeta300 offers full customization capability to enhance prestigious structures and realise your unique vision

Renowned German engineering capabilities

Founded on a long history of German engineering quality and innovation, TK Elevator has grown into one of the world’s leading elevator companies. Driven to address the modern challenges of urbanization and efficiency, we have pioneered unique technologies including many ‘industry first’ products such as our TWIN and MULTI concepts. zeta300 builds upon this heritage to realize your vision.

Enhance building management

Whether by creating intelligent systems for your buildings or by integrating our elevator solutions into your existing infrastructure with our 300 solutions, we are able to deliver tailored passenger transportation solutions.

Customized designs beyond trends

Creating something new requires the right technical foundation and a partner enabling your vision - With TK Elevator and our 300 customized design solutions, you make the right choice to achieve something unique.

300 solutions offers unlimited freedom for the design of the elevators.

Turn your elevators into a focal point of your building or let them integrate seamlessly into the internal environment. Either way, zeta300 can be configured for luxurious or functional applications. 
Be inspired by these design trends, carefully curated by our team – but please don’t let them limit you!