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Increase your returns

High performance predefined configurations make zeta200 a great investment.

Underline your building’s premium

Trend-based interiors and design palette to match your building‘s style and extend the building‘s vibe into the elevator.

Provide a stylish experience

With a focus on usability and overall ride comfort, zeta200 ensures you travel in comfort and style.
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Product detail

Performance and design matter

zeta200 targets high-rise commercial and mixed-use buildings. By incorporating the latest technology and predefined product configurations, zeta200 is the simple way to ensure a smooth, comfortable and stylish high speed experience.

Global expertise, local know-how

High performance predefined configurations make zeta200 a great investment.
Global expertise and local knowledge combine to meet high-rise requirements

Building on our long history of German engineering excellence and diverse technology assets, our R&D teams have leveraged their global capabilities and local expertise to design and engineer zeta200 for your market.

zeta200 predefined configurations consistently deliver the combination of high-rise, high-speed, high performance and operational excellence on which TK Elevator’s reputation is based, wherever they are installed.

The right choice for high performance and fast completion

Project planning is simplified and complexity reduced by using zeta200 predefined configurations for a fast and hassle-free customer journey.

Rapid project completion is achieved thanks to our global standardization processes, consistent high-quality manufacturing and convenient delivery packages.

Trend based interiors and design palette

With cabins based on the latest interior design trends, you can extend your building’s vibe into the elevator.

Designs to match your building’s style

Our team of experienced designers has studied the latest trends to bring you a range of premium quality cabins that will enhance the look and feel of any building.

Using high-end materials, we offer a range of premium designs including patterned and embossed 3D textures, that add a luxurious visual and tactile dimension to the cabins.

Take pride in your building’s unified look from entering the lobby, traveling in the elevator, through to arriving at your desired destination.

Create your own cabin with our elevator design palette

Creating your own cabin design is made easy using our themed selections of high quality materials, lighting and finishes. Each one is carefully composed to ensure a harmonious result that will match the aesthetics of your building.

Follow the step-by-step guide and use the cabin decoration material samples to help visualize your creativity. It is easy to be inspired, confident that you are creating an outstanding elevator cabin design.

Fast, quiet, smart and AGILE

zeta200 enhances the passenger experience from start to finish. By incorporating the latest technology and high performance components, zeta200 offers quiets cabins, smooth acceleration and a steady ride at high speeds.