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Parking system with Parking Cart form

Product detail

Cart Parking systems fall into many forms. They can be classified basing many criteria.

- In the direction of arranging the vehicle into parking position: The system is horizontally and vertically arranged.
- By way of transmission such as hydraulic drive and cable transmission.
- Basing on the structure such as the turntable type located inside the main escalator, the turntable is located on Trolley.
- This system can be installed in underground tunnels or outdoors. This system is suitable for parking lots with large capacity from 50 to 500 vehicles.
- Operated by one or more main lifts, moving along the system & lifting the car up / down the floors at the parking position. You can use the directional turntable (rotated 90o or 180o) to turn the car into a storage box.
- Vehicles are put into parked position by cart carrying Pallet. Pallets will automatically slide from cart to car into storage box.
- Cart system travels horizontally, along each parking lot with a guide rail system with a height equal to the parking floor. Each floor will use a separate Cart. It's easy to expand the parking area when needed.
- It is possible to increase the speed / density of in / out vehicles by installing a main lift system.
- The system is completed with many sensors and safety devices