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Our velino escalator product line fully meets the needs of commercial buildings.
velino 100, 200 and 300 meet the needs of commercial buildings, from simple design projects to those that need specialized, specific solutions. Each velino model brings business efficiency, strong value for the construction and special emphasis on safety with more than 50 intelligent features to support safety.
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Product detail

An escalator, in some cases also called an elevator or lift, is a person-conveying device. An escalator consists of a system of steps that can be moved up or down continuously alternately in a closed circle, and fitted together by deep gaps in the surface. The path of a common escalator is straight, but others are designed in a spiral format to save space. Escalators are often installed in supermarkets, shopping centers, subway stations ... Modern escalators are used in pairs with one way up and one way down
Elevator type: Escalator
Manufacturer: ThyssenKrup
Speed up and down (m / min): 60
Capacity (kW): 10
Load capacity (kg): 4000
Lifting height: 15 m