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Experience when choosing to buy a family lift

Because there was no preparation from the initial design stage, many families came to Nam Long's elevator with a very difficult situation: Normally, their legs were not able to walk due to gout, her sister was escaped. because of the disc's disc, it is impossible to go up and down stairs, high age so it is almost impossible to go to the altar to take care of the incense, especially Tet to the crowd, needing to travel a lot, everything is extremely hardship
Or the family decided to install a mini lift for the house but got caught in the septic tank, so they could not dig the deep hole at the bottom of the foundation. Or the whole family is still healthy now dig up the floor, worried arteries.

Even a family bought a new villa for several tens of billion but the floor could not be dug because of the foundation problem, the upper floor due to the roof, so it was impossible to install a ladder. Or the only place where an elevator is installed is the space between the stairs but because they are too small, the type of cable car lift is not enough ...

Those are huge obstacles in selecting and installing elevators. However, all of the above problems have been brought to the great solution from the country in the shape of boots on the Nam Long elevator by Nam Long Elevator.

Access Altura diamond elevator is luxurious and sophisticated

Elevator access - Absolutely safe

For us nothing is more precious than humans. Therefore, safety criteria is the number 1 priority when selecting elevators. Designed and manufactured in complete units in Italy, Vimec family elevators fully meet the safety standards of G7 countries:

- Anti-fall braking system, automatic or reverse-phase self-protection system, Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) helps the Cabin return to the nearest floor when the elevator is going without power.

- The intelligent control system that checks the safety system before operation will not run the elevator if one of the safety functions is not guaranteed.

- Multi-point infrared circuit system along the elevator cabin door will ensure the elevator door never gets stuck in the user.

- Safety circuit system will ensure that the elevator will not run when the elevator door is open, not fully closed.

The interlock system will ensure that only when the Cabin is on the correct floor will that door be opened, ensuring that there is no phenomenon of opening itself without the Cabin.

Access Elevator - Installation anywhere, every home
With reliable, safe and durable hydraulic technology applied in aerospace industry (close system, aircraft drop, wing control ...) applied in home elevators in their homeland Ferrari, Lamborghini ... from the 1960s. This technology helps us solve the difficulties we face:

No need to dig deep into the floor (PIT is only 10-15cm). Therefore, just peeling off a row of bricks or emerging from a 10cm floor is enough for an Access lift. As a result, there are many Gama family elevators used for penhouse, from the 2nd floor or taking advantage of the balcony to install the elevator.

The height of the top floor only needs from 2.4m. Therefore, you do not need to build an additional engine room, do not demolish the existing roof but still install a mini lift to the roof.

The minimum area to install the ladder is only about 0.65 x0.9m with very leather designs: round, square, triangle ... Depending on the surface, available space of your family. Gama family elevators are tailor-made for each building so there is no need to worry about the current space of the house.

Access Elevator - Aesthetic solution for your home

Wherever you install it, this masterpiece will shine your space with talented designers from Italy based on materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, gold, carbon fiber ... creating not only the elevator but also a unique art masterpiece in the world for your family.

Therefore, this luxurious hydraulic technology lift is trusted by football players David Beckham, Queen of Denmark, President of Italy, President Nelson Mandela ... Every year, from beautiful Italy has more than 2500 elevators spread around the world, but there is no repetition in the design.

Gama family lift - A solution to life

In addition to the safe and luxurious transportation function arranged anywhere, Italian designers always pay attention to really this masterpiece to improve your quality of life, according to European style such as: Movement speed, noise level of the system, air circulation, environmental indicators are carefully calculated.

The Gama family lift is in the process of being controlled at a noise level of about 40 - 47 dB and the Gama Family Elevator's consultants will choose the Cabin speed to suit the number of floors of your home from 0, 3 - 0.6 m / s, to save travel time but still ensure the power consumption of the engine with a capacity of only 2.5 KW (equivalent to an iron).

Cabin system is designed elegantly but firmly, bearing the taste of Italian architecture, automatically turn off lights, exhaust fans when there is no user and turn it back on when making a call.

In particular, the Emcall emergency call system installed in the Cabin can help you talk to relatives, children, or the elderly who cannot remember the number, always connect to you or will have 5 numbers pre-installed by default. wills and be activated at the touch of a button.

If you do not call, then 15 seconds later, the system will automatically switch to another number and so on until it is connected to the switchboard or elevator rescue service line.

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