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Maintenance, elevator maintenance comes in two forms: regular maintenance and package maintenance. Nam Long Elevator Company offers both packages of this elevator maintenance service, especially the package elevator maintenance service is very trusted by our customers.
In addition to finding a reputable elevator unit to install beautiful and quality elevators, in the process of use, the investor also needs to pay attention to the repair, maintenance and maintenance of elevators. With a team of highly qualified technical staff, experience and good after-sales service, Nam Long Elevator provides quality elevator maintenance services that customers in many provinces across the country. expensive.


In today's article, Nam Long Elevator Company invites you to learn more about our professional elevator maintenance service as well as the fastest, accurate and most efficient elevator maintenance process.
Nam Long Elevator has nearly 10 years of experience in the field of installation, maintenance and repair of elevators

Nam Long Elevator Company provides 2 service packages for elevator maintenance:


Every month, Nam Long Elevator engineers will carry out the inspection and maintenance of elevators and perform cleaning, lubrication, maintenance tasks according to the list stated in the maintenance plan according to the standards of the elevator company. machine in Nam Long.

If there are any failures related to elevator equipment, for this type of elevator maintenance, our service department will send a report of the incident and state the cause of this situation and the alternative recommendations to customers are clear. We will immediately replace these damaged devices as soon as we receive our customer's consent. Therefore, customers complete peace of mind about our maintenance service.

Advantages of standard elevator maintenance:
  • Conventional maintenance usually has a short-term contract, the investor is proactive in selecting and replacing maintenance and repair units for elevators.
  • Maintenance of elevators usually helps investors save more costs
Disadvantages of standard elevator maintenance
  • Sometimes it is not possible to detect failures and lift problems promptly
  • Investors need to take time and effort to learn to decide to replace or repair elevator components
Each form of elevator maintenance has different advantages and disadvantages


This elevator maintenance package is also conducted monthly, Duc Anh elevator engineers will conduct inspection and perform elevator maintenance tasks according to the list mentioned in the maintenance plan according to the company's standards. elevator .

When customers choose this type of elevator maintenance, our company will be responsible for replacing all components when any problem occurs. Our 24-hour maintenance service will respond as soon as you receive the request or consult via phone if the customer requests (by elevator engineer).

Advantages of package elevator maintenance:
  • Ensuring the elevator is always comprehensive care, stable and smooth operation, absolute safety
  • Save time and effort for investors
Disadvantages of package elevator maintenance
  • High maintenance costs
  • Need to choose the most prestigious and professional elevator maintenance unit

In order to carry out the maintenance of elevators for you, Nam Long Elevator we have carefully researched the maintenance of elevators each month in such a way as the most reasonable and effective.

Based on the technical safety standards of the Vietnamese State stipulating regulations on elevator maintenance, Nam Long Elevator combines with the company's professional team to set up the maintenance - maintenance process. For lifts are done periodically according to the appropriate timelines. This elevator maintenance procedure includes inspection, calibration, repair, lubrication of equipment (in need) and industrial hygiene.
  • Check and clean father wins, tang wins and more wins
  • Check and adjust floor selectors, floor switches
  • Check floor deviation, accelerate, decelerate, recoil and adjust, or replace necessary parts to ensure safety and comfort for users.
  • Check all bearings, oil level of gearboxes, gear oil, throttle, engine, gearbox when temperature rises abnormally, and replace if necessary.
  • Check the wiring of control cabinet
  • Check relays, contacts, and their operations
  • Check the function of alarms, cabin lights and Intercom
  • Check and adjust the operation of the door switch and door opening and closing mechanism
  • Check condition of formica wall pins
  • Clean cabin doors, floors, door sill, flywheel, main cable, counterbalance head, if any, and apply maintenance regime where necessary.
  • Check the control buttons, floor lights, cabin lights, floor call buttons where necessary
  • Check the operation of overloaded devices and balancing devices, if any
  • Check and fill up the sieve lubrication boxes
  • Lubricate the Puly Stretch Governor, adjust where needed to ensure that the lift goes smoothly
  • Check the spare power unit and fill the kettle with water
  • Clean the manholes, switches, parts and accessories installed in the pit
Nam Long Elevator is committed to periodic inspection and maintenance of elevators quickly, efficiently, and quality

In the context of the volatile elevator market with hundreds of small units being born each year, Nam Long Elevator still stands and develops, showing our efficient and prestigious working capacity. Customers coming to Nam Long will be committed to the genuine, prestigious quality elevator products and professional elevator maintenance service packages of Nam Long Elevator.

Elevator repair and maintenance service of Nam Long is always as committed to customers. We are always ready to serve all the needs of our customers 24/7 with the best professionalism, promptness and quality. In addition, with experience and professional ethics, Nam Long Elevator is committed to saving the maximum maintenance costs of our customers. Please contact us via Hotline: 0243 5202 606 for a free consultation!

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